15 Sexiest Women in the Legends Football League

# 15 Sexiest Women in the Legends Football League :
It is a popular belief that Football (American Football, that is) is a man’s game, because of just how rough and aggressive the game is. The intense amount of physical contact makes injuries common, which is why they have to wear helmets and other protective gear. You would not expect a woman to engage in such a violent sport, would you? Women are supposed to be gentle in everything they do, and act in a way that will not break their nails or mess up their makeup, right? Well, some women out there believe that what a man can do, a woman can do better.

The Legends Football League, which was formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, is a women’s football league in America that brings together many teams from different countries around the world. The league was founded in 2009 and is growing in popularity across the globe. The fact that the women playing the sport are half-naked has caused a lot of controversy, though the same aspect is making it very popular among people who actually love to see women barely dressed tackling each other.

However, one cannot dispute the fact that the women on the league are very sexy, and they take great care of their bodies, despite playing a very rough game. The LFL might not be as fast or as tough as the NFL, but one cannot deny that it has a sex appeal that the male version of the league cannot bring. Here are just a few of the past and present women in the LFL who make the game worth watching.

15. Amber Dodzweit – Los Angeles Temptation
14. Kaley Tuning – Miami Caliente
13. Melissa Mikkelsen – Denver Dream
12. Melissa Margulies – Los Angeles Temptation
11. Jana Skrtic – Minnesota Valkyrie
10. Christina Deavers – Baltimore Charm
9. Danielle Jorgenson – Green Bay Chill
8. Lindsay Burnham – Omaha Heart
7. Alexandria Stone – Atlanta Steam
6. Adrian Purnell – Jacksonville Breeze
5. Christine Moore – Seattle Mist
4. Angela Rypien – Seattle Mist
3. Angela Perfetto – Philadelphia Passion
2. Liz Gorman – Jacksonville Breeze
1. Heather Furr – Chicago Bliss

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